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The Making of Tibias Ivory: Freedom's Quest


In the southern town of Principle, men work hard, women care for their families, and children laugh under placid skies as they watch kites dance on a warm prevailing wind.

Everyone has a role; everyone knows their place; and most are content for things to remain as they are, and always have been? idyllic. There is no expectation of anything different, until two teenagers, Hog Worthington and Bethany Ivory, on individual quests to be released from their own perceived set of shackles, discover each other and set out to challenge the seemingly predetermined course of their lives.

The ensuing events unravel the thin stitchings of perfection in the town, and reveal the reality of character within themselves, and in all who come in contact with them.

Courage is tested. Thinking is challenged. Ideologies are assaulted and faith is shaken to the core. Friendships and families are formed and broken, and lives are shattered beyond repair.

Then, from the midst of the turmoil, a tiny ray of hope- one the town did not anticipate, and one it would struggle to accept in the face of the destruction of all they ever knew- broke through the gathered clouds.

But would it make a difference?


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